DJ LBR, Paris

DJ LBR is without a doubt one of the best dj’s in France. French vice champion of dmc in 88, this year marks his debut at radio with radio stars, radio nova and skyrock. Founding member of double h dj crew, dj lbr is the only dj of his generation to have crossed the Atlantic and to have deejay..d in America. In 1998, DJ LBR signs to the famous AV8 record label (one of the famous party record labels in New York), where he becomes their main act along with Crooklyn Clan and Fatman Scoop. He has collaborated with the best : cutkiller, big ali, ls , fatman scoop, hasheem, DJ Cash Money , Kool Herc , Deenasty, Big Red and the list goes on…

DJ Getdown-84_small

Dj Getdown, Montpellier

GETDOWN has been spinning on turntables for more than 20 YEARS.
He is one of the rare Djs mixing world wide. His whole life he’s been influenced by HIP HOP.
He knows how to diversify himself by making thousands remixes and mashups ALREADY PLAYLISTED by famous DJ’s such as Chukie and Afrojack.
Every release on legal sites, GETDOWN has placed has gone TOP FIVE. GETDOWN was a RESIDENT DJ for 2 consecutive years at PACHA NYC and AMNESIA MIAMI.

Mast (6)

Dj Mast, Metz

DJ MAST is on your personal iPod to the biggest clubs in Europe, even the world, with more 500 official dates throughout France, but also in Morocco, Portugal, New Calédonia, Luxembourg, Spain and China.
For nearly 10 years, he ignites the dancefloor for our greatest pleasure.
With his impeccable technique and a dynamic playlist, DJ MAST has become a reference point for aspiring DJ’s anywhere in the world.


Dj Bens, Montpellier

Everything begun in 1999. At only age 15, Bens discovers the vinyl touch and it’s a revelation.
Soaked with the classics, time flies by, boomers vibrate, and rhythms and beats come one after the other: R’n'B, Funk, Electro, House, Hip Hop, 80′s…The alchemist Dj Bens is showing himself and his future already seems promising.
In 2005, he integrates the webradio. He animates the weekly show One Wish (R’n'B/Soul), and puts together new trends, unreleased tracks and classics to become the host of the #1 show of Layback in only a few weeks. He also becomes the radio show official on (which was then the platform recognized by the R’n'B djs).


Dj GREG LASSIERRA, Montpellier

Greg was born in Narbonne, France, in 1987. He has always been passionate about music and dance and started performing as a DJ when he was a teenager.
At 21 he became a resident DJ in a club where he developed his unique hip-hop/club style.
With this experience, he decided to make a career as a DJ.In 2010. Since then, his DJ experience has grown to include performing in major clubs in the south of France.
Greg was the resident dj of the most Hype club in montpellier in 2010 ” Milk Famous Club” during 6month.
After that He becomes the resident dj and Art Director of the biggest club in the south of france ” Marina Atlantide “! Now he is perfuming in all the france and europe.