Dj Jekey, Barcelona

He´s one of the most popular DJs in Europe, he goes by the name of DJ Jekey, which being more noticed for his work in the past few years.
He actually created a real artistic storm in those most of the popular night clubs.
In 2007, he became the resident DJ at the Catwalk night club in Barcelona, known for being one of the most popular ELECTRO/R&B/HIP-HOP clubs of the city.


Dj Char D, Canary Islands

Dj born in Spain in 1982, became interested in music with only 15 years, riding a rock band and hip hop, at age 22 decided to enter the world of the deejay, with 3 years experience becomes part of two of the largest rooms in the north of Tenerife, La Basilica and Kache Disco, the biggest club that has had the Puerto de la Cruz (with pool night).
After several years playing Hip Hop and R & B, begins to delve into the style of electronic music, it makes you grow professionally as a DJ and start making a new direct technique full of Scratch, mix and endless dance music have led him to act in the most prestigious local Tenerife.