Dj Alex Austin

AlexAustinAlready in 2000, he moves the music scene under the name of El Dragon and took up residence in Zurich legendary club Le Bal and K5. Shortly after he was booked in the first part of Jay-Z Blueprint Lounge tour, also the only concert in Switzerland of Busta Rhymes. Thus, the wave of success begins. He was asked by the Black Eyed Peas, Methodman & Redman, and D12, to mention only the greatest. He was also approached by Destiny’s Child, Usher and The Game in afterparty. After many bookings in the most famous clubs in Zurich, such as Kaufleuten, Mascotte and Indochine, he became a must as a DJ. Although the Black Music was his first love, he found a new source of inspiration and plays Open Format Music in 2009 under the name of Alex Austin.
His work is also quickly recognized. Another major point punctuates his career by signing with the New York Label AV8 (June 2010). One of the largest and Mash Up’s most successful and labels Partybreak contract. It’s been a non-stop story since then ! Alex Austin is increasingly asked, his DJ
skills recognized and he wants now to taste the international scene.