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djbensEverything begun in 1999. At only age 15, Bens discovers the vinyl touch and it’s a revelation.
Soaked with the classics, time flies by, boomers vibrate, and rhythms and beats come one after the other: R’n'B, Funk, Electro, House, Hip Hop, 80′s…The alchemist Dj Bens is showing himself and his future already seems promising.
In 2005, he integrates the webradio. He animates the weekly show One Wish (R’n'B/Soul), and puts together new trends, unreleased tracks and classics to become the host of the #1 show of Layback in only a few weeks. He also becomes the radio show official on (which was then the platform recognized by the R’n'B djs).
Noticed, he does his first dj residency in a select club of the Cap d’agde during what turned out to be a true clubbing summer. He then does several “Love Paradise” nights along with Dj Fahd (Morocco). Passionate and determined, Bens integrates the Fun Radio team in 2007, developing and participating in events organization. He favors sponsors and partnerships and gets to understand a clubbing clientele that he will soon fully know. But it doesn’t alter his creativity : the release of several remixes and bootlegs paired with deejaying in the “Privates Partie du Sud de la France” keeps him busy during the whole 2008/2009 year.
Having acquired a true credibility, Bens becomes the resident dj for the 2009 summer at the private beach Capao Beach (Cap d’agde). Caliente, short outfits and fine sand under the stars. Clubbers are conquered by Ben’s Electro/Hip Hop sets, and he clearly now has the success of a future well-known dj.
Everything gets faster in 2010, when the website asks him to deejay for the first European Winter X-Games in Tignes. He then deejays for the Nokia Fise in Montpellier and does several DJ Getdown first parts. In June he participates in the Winter Music conference in Miami which is followed by him deejaying for Alexandra Rosenfeld’s wedding (Miss Europe) that asked for him personally. While deejaying during the crazy Palma nights (Cap d’agde) Dj Bens signs on the famous AV8 record label (New York City) along with Fatman Scoop and Dj LBR. In only a few days, his Swedish House Mafia ft. Lil’Jon remix (saluted by Lil’Jon himself) is a real success and is number one of the Top AV8 charts for several weeks, and is also aired repeatedly on FUN RADIO.
The clubbing scene must now count on the Dj Bens phenomenon.

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