Dj Jekey

JekeyHe´s one of the most popular DJs in Europe, he goes by the name of DJ Jekey, which being more noticed for his work in the past few years.

He actually created a real artistic storm in those most of the popular night clubs.

In 2007, he became the resident DJ at the Catwalk night club in Barcelona, known for being one of the most popular ELECTRO/R&B/HIP-HOP clubs of the city.

He has maintained residency in Ibiza for 3 summers in a row at “ Pacha “ from 2003 to 2006.

His originality comes from the fact that DJ Jekey controls the art of scratching as well as mixing in night clubs. He got the chance to share his work and collaborate with such international DJs like David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Fedde Legrand, Roger Sanchez, Fatmanscoop, DJ Craze, Grand Master Flash, Jazzy Jeff.

He has been in high demand at the largest night clubs in Europe, in cities such as Ibiza, Paris, Zurich, Roma, Moscow, Prague, Frankfurt, Geneva, Amsterdam, London… and later around the world, NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Shangai, Taipei, Macau etc..

He has won respect for his work, and got recognized by his audiences and his fans, which has grown each day, as he’s one of the most famous and creative DJs of the time.

DJ Jekey seduces his audience with his Electic Style Sets wherever he go.